Nilnag Lake

A two hour drive from Srinagar (47 kms) will take you to acres upon acres of grassy meadow ringed by forests of pine, and towering beyond them, awesome and majestic snow-clad mountains. This is Yusmarg- close enough to Srinagar for a picnic, idyllic enough to make you want to stay for a few days. Here are walks of every sort - a leisurely amble along flower-strewn meadows or away to where a mighty river froths and crashes its way over rocks, its mild white foam earning it the name of Doodh Ganga. Further away, a captivating lake, Nilnag, is cradled by hills.Nilnag is a beautiful lake located 4 km downhill from Yusmarg. The water of the lake is blue in colour and thus, the lake is named as Nilnag. The lake is connected to the passage, passing through the dense forests. The site is a beautiful picnic spot and a trek of 13 km uphill leads to various beautiful tourist spots.

Nilnag is a high altitude lake nestled amidst dense pine forest. The blue water of this sparkling lake and the picturesque surrounding towering pine trees and snow-capped mountains amplify the natural beauty of the region, whereas Nilnag plays a great role in invigoration and providing peace of mind.

The articulate language of nature could not be more pure than in Nilnag. Being an asset of thriving Jammu & Kashmir tourism, the lake renders options to relax before heading for further rigorous trekking expeditions. Reckoned as an idyllic Yusmarg tourist place to visit, Nilnag is a reflection of the sheer beauty of Kashmir.